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Every year thousands of baristas compete to see who can make the world’s best coffee. They have 15 minutes to make 12 drinks — to make an impact. It’s like the Olympics of the coffee world.

If you are a coffee lover and are intrigued by the industry, this one’s definitely worth watching, but they need a little funding. If they meet their goal, contributors will receive rewards like t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, a dvd and of course, free coffee!!!!

KickStarter site here:

  • Me: oh thats cute
  • *checks price tag*
  • Me: no its not
Spotted in the backyard, the cat and the kitten. Meow

Spotted in the backyard, the cat and the kitten. Meow

I’m getting sick and tired of these women showing comfort in getting nude for an article spread or billboard and claim “respect for women”, no not really you’re attracting for the wrong reason and validate men’s expectation of sexuality because they can’t get their eyes off your tits. If you have the intention of showing the world your naked body just because you want to that’s fine, but don’t try to call out on some feminist bullshit or “respect me”, put your clothes back on and take action with an actual movement that will have a positive reaction towards society without getting a male reader a hard on.

White fucking privelage.

When I graduated from college in the winter of 2012, I thought a lot would change in two years. I’ll be 24 in 2014, and I don’t feel a lot has changed. Time flies, but when I look at where I am today, its not certainly where I want to be.

This is life, but you have to keep playing the game, work hard and keep doing what your doing even though it doesn’t make sense and you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

Work hard. Party hard. Enjoy life.

i think everyone should take a 101 basic mobile phone photography class because its unfortunate when you have a perfect moment but then you hand your phone to someone who sucks at taking pictures.




All this poster makes me think of is……Her?

I’m dying to see this.

That’s a cool Joaquin tasche.

i got invited to a screening tonight  but then got emailed that i was uninvited.  Los Angeles, typcial…..




All this poster makes me think of is……Her?

I’m dying to see this.

That’s a cool Joaquin tasche.

i got invited to a screening tonight but then got emailed that i was uninvited. Los Angeles, typcial…..

Whenever I get asked what motivates me to work at an interview, all I really wanna say is: money, power and pussy(pussy power).

The latter and the one after are completely different in context.

My reactions to watching The Hunger Games Catching Fire:

Why are people getting upset over Katy Perry’s Performance? It’s what happens when you get Asian fever. People get it all the time when they are exposed to that culture. I got it when I was 12 after picking up a comic of the Peach Girls Anime series and when my friend invited me over to try her mom’s kimchi for the first time (All said in humor, partially true) .

But ya’ll don’t complain when a white male has asian fever…

When a white girl dresses up as a geisha all ya’ll suddenly become feminists. The history of a woman’s role in Asian culture was all about pleasing her spouse, I sure do hope that we focus on that alarming issue than a stupid performance.

Her performance sexualized the image of a Geisha? Have you looked at the history of Geishas? That performance wasn’t even sexual…

I’m so confused,

It was just a performance guys, and it was Katy Perry, yes she looked kinda stupid but it didn’t seem racist, do we even like her music, who cares!?!?!?

When you have such feelings and you want to let the whole world know, te amo

Some nights are harder to sleep on, experiencing events from the past that still hurt, but the only thing to do is to get up in the morning and just do it.

You know what’s a really funny show surprisingly, Coupling.

Alright, I’ve been dying to talk about this:

Excerpt from the Article: A Flapper’s Appeal to Parents written by a women from the 1920’s who explains why she cut her hair short with an article titled: Why I Bobbed My Hair, by Mary Garden (1921) written by Mary Garden:

Why did I bob my hair? For several reasons. I did it because I wanted to, for one thing; because I found it easier to take care of; because I thought it more becoming; and because I felt freer without long, entangling tresses. But above and beyond these and
several other reasons I had my hair cut short because, to me, it typified a progressive step, in keeping with the inner spirit that animates my whole existence. In one way, whether I wear my hair short or not is of little importance. But viewed in another way, bobbed hair is not just a trivial, independent act of hair-dressing separate and apart from my life itself. It is part and parcel of life—one of the myriad things which by themselves may apparently mean nothing, but which in the aggregate help to form that particular complexity of expression which is myself.
This sounds a bit cryptic; but let me elucidate a little. Whether we know it or not, every single thing we do has a relationship to our lives as a whole, for the simple reason that what we do is the expression of what we think—consciously or unconsciously. You may say that it matters very little whether a woman wears her hair long or has it cut short, but
that is really not true.

Moving forward to the present time, an article in the online DailyMail U.K. titled: Does a Short Haircut Mean Women Have Gone Off Sex?

"Regardless of split ends or whether the cut suits the shape of her face, long hair has come to signify many of the qualities that a man looks for in a mate. His reaction is primeval. Evolutionary psychologists believe that a head of long, healthy hair has been a basic indicator of a woman’s well-being since the dawn of mankind. Cave paintings celebrated long-haired women - the longer the hair the more fertile and, therefore, desirable she was - and nothing had changed when Botticelli painted the Birth of Venus, complete with those flowing locks, millennia later.
These days you need only watch a shampoo commercial to see that long hair is still shorthand for sexual attractiveness.
Glossy, shoulder-length tresses are tossed from side to side as the ultimate sign of a woman at her peak….Our hair has always played a major part in the sexual drama of life. Longer hair is associated with youth perhaps because as young girls we usually wear our hair long, and it is generally the case that when women become mothers they cut their hair for the sake of practicality, continuing to wear it shorter and shorter as they get older. This, of course, coincides with a gradual falling away of libido and sexual activity. While long hair appears to indicate to the male brain a more submissive and available woman, in simple terms it also distinguishes women from men in appearance. That’s why it is such a powerful symbol of femininity and why, conversely, if a woman even subconsciously feels she is losing interest in sex, she will cut her hair….if a woman is looking for a man, she’s not going to cut her hair off.
It’s a fact that long hair has a broader appeal to the opposite sex - I’d say nine out of ten men prefer long hair to short - which means long-haired ladies are more likely to catch a guy’s eye. It’s no surprise, then, that most of the women that come to my salon wanting a drastic chop are in a stable relationship. They’re not looking to attract a man. But just like men, I think women in general believe long hair is flirtier and sexier than short….In the wake of the French Revolution, modish English women adopted cropped styles…Similarly, in the Roaring Twenties and Swinging Sixties, women bobbed their hair to indicate that they were pleasing themselves rather than their menfolk.

What’s interesting to note, however, is that whenever a trend for cropped hair has taken hold, it has been followed closely by a return to the fashion for long locks. Why? Well, whatever the empowerment of going short, its historical associations remain negative. “

I think this is self explanatory. Were’ nothing without our hair!!!!!